The Mission of the Monroe Consolidated School District as the leading collaborative, community-based learning environment is to provide a strong learning foundation to ensure individual growth through perseverance and diversity and to equip learners for life-long success.

Principles of RESPECT: Responsibility, Engaged, Spirit, Passion, Excellence, Compassion, Trust

We are CREW, not passengers!

Monroe School District


Monroe School Board will meet on June 6, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. at the Monroe School. During this meeting they will consider:

Expenditure from the Parking Lot Maintenance Trust Fund up to $24,500 for 2016-2017.

The Monroe School Board is very pleased to announce the hiring of Susan Hodgdon as the new Superintendent for the Monroe School District starting July 1. Susan comes to Monroe with many years of experience as Superintendent in both Maine and New Hampshire.

We will be working on a school-wide art project that requires many, many, many bottle caps. Plastic, metal, the ones from milk jugs, juice, water; whatever you find. Please rinse, collect, and send them in to Jen Corkins. Thank you!
Thank you for all of the bottle cap donations, still accepting blue, purple, pink, brown and tan caps to finish our art!

Image result for photos of bottle caps


Honor Roll students for our 2nd trimester:  November 24 –March 4, 2016 



Catherine Fiske - High Honors in Science, Language Arts, Social Studies and Habits of a Learner

Nikia Bedell - Honors in Habits of a Learner


Polly Currier- Honors in Math, Science, Language Arts and Habits of a Learner





Sophia Beardsley High Honors in Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Math and Habits of a Learner


Natalie Deschamps – High Honors in Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Math and Habits of a Learner


Falynn Locke - Honors in Habits of a Learner


Abby Morris - High Honors in Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Math and Habits of a Learner


Kennedy Wagner - Honors in Science and Habits of a Learner

Great work! Congratulations Monroe 7th and 8th grade honor students!


                                                                                                          Volunteers needed!

          The Monroe School Board is seeking a community member and a parent to serve as volunteers on the MCS Athletic Committee. This committee serves in an advisory capacity to both administration and the School Board. The committee will consist of seven members and will meet on a monthly basis or as needed.


Please call or email Shelley Jewell if you are interested in volunteering.


603-638-2800 ext. 48/


The winner of the 2016 Geo Bee - Sophia Beardsley with Judge Jean Ward
Congratulations, Sophia


Use of recordings in classrooms.


 The School Board has approved that recordings in school classrooms are allowed. A new New Hampshire law requires each school board to make this decision for their own schools.

 This law only requires this permission for recording “inside classroom settings.” The law does not affect any recordings outside of the classrooms. These will continue as always at Monroe School

 The next step for recordings inside classroom settings is to have both teachers and parents give their approval. Parents will soon be receiving an approval form from the school to sign for their written consent.


MCS participated in the American Public Education Foundation's National Anthem Sing-Along today. At 1:00, they joined students across the United States who simultaneously sang The Star Spangled Banner.

Nation-Wide National Anthem Sing-Along


For safety reasons, no vehicles are allowed to drive behind the Monroe Consolidated School. 
Signage has been posted and a chain gate is being constructed. 
The area behind the building is part of the designated playground both during the school year and vacation time.

Monroe Consolidated School 2014-2015 Year Calendar

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