The Mission of the Monroe Consolidated School District as the leading collaborative, community-based learning environment is to provide a strong learning foundation to ensure individual growth through perseverance and diversity and to equip learners for life-long success.

Principles of RESPECT: Responsibility, Engaged, Spirit, Passion, Excellence, Compassion, Trust

We are CREW, not passengers!

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You are hereby notified that the Annual School and Town District Meetings will be held on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at the Monroe Town Hall.   Polls will open for the election of District and Town Officers at 12 noon and close no earlier than 6:00 p.m.   The School District Meeting will commence at 7:00 p.m.  The Town Meeting will commence immediately after the School District Meeting is adjourned.




Athletic Subcommittee meeting April 2nd at 4:15PM in the MCS dining room

Entry Subcommittee meeting March 26th at 4:00PM 


For safety reasons, no vehicles are allowed to drive behind the Monroe Consolidated School. 
Signage has been posted and a chain gate is being constructed. 
The area behind the building is part of the designated playground both during the school year and vacation time.


Playground Equipment for Silent Auction
opening March 16th @ 8:00 am closing May 18th @ 2:00 pm
We are looking forward to our community playground build at the beginning of June.  Before that happens, we will be taking down our existing playground.  Are you interested in owning a piece of the playground?  See below!

 Current Bid: $     
      _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Current Bid: $   
 Current Bid: $   
Current Bid: $   
 Current Bid: $

Disclaimer:  Every care will be taken to preserve items during removal.  Buyer is responsible for transport. Every piece is an AS IS purchase.
For bids or inquiries contact Molley at


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