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Grade 5/6 Tobin

Welcome Fifth and Sixth Graders!

November 17, 2017

Fifth graders  have been working on adding and subtracting unlike fractions. In reading, fifth graders have been reviewing the stories we read about doing the right thing. They are also writing a narrative about a time when they had to make a choice to do the right thing (or not).

Sixth Graders have continued their study of ratios by expanding to equivalent ratios and real life situations.  They enjoyed “Guess my Ratio” and “Equivalent Ratio Bingo”. In reading, sixth graders have been researching an ancient civilization and working on note-taking and distinguishing between main ideas and details.

Expedition News

This week we reviewed genetic traits and started our final project using the “Defined Stem” Program.


This week students have been busily finishing up final writing projects for the trimester and reviewing different types of figurative language.

November 9, 2017

Fifth graders  worked on their “Movie Theater” performance task and continued their work on fractions. In reading, they read the famous poem “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” and worked on spelling patterns of tricky final syllables.

Sixth Graders continued their study of ratios. In reading, they read a non-fiction text about Ancient Egypt and worked with main ideas and details.

Expedition News

During expedition students have been studying the circulatory and digestive systems.  We even learned about how astronauts circulatory systems are impacted in space. Students used an interactive digestive system and bone game.


During writing students have been choosing one of their narrative pieces to work on for publication.

October 20, 2017

Fifth graders  have been working on order of operations and doing really well! In reading, we are working on identifying sequence in a story, and reading several short texts around the idea of taking risks to help others.

Sixth Graders have been working on  dividing fractions and multiplying decimals.  They also had time to review some key concepts about fractions. In reading, we are reviewing identifying the main idea and details in a text. Our topic for the week is examining past relics and what we can learn about ancient cultures.

October 13, 2017

Fifth graders reviewed the addition of decimals and also worked on dividing three digit numbers by two digit numbers. In reading, our question for the week is “Why is honesty important?” - and we are studying digraphs and descriptive narratives.

Sixth Graders have been reviewing finding the Greatest Common Factor of sets of three numbers, while also working on dividing whole numbers by fractions, handling improper fractions and mixed numbers. In reading, we are thinking about why it’s important to know about the universe, focusing on main ideas and details.

Expedition News

This week we used the program “Kahoots” to review information on cell organelles.  Students also began the first part of their performance task.  This involves designing and creating cell models using shrinky dinks. One challenge in designing these is to mathematically figure out how much our models will shrink!

October 6, 2017

Fifth graders continued their work on multiplying two digit numbers and started to work on dividing by 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s. This week is a review week in reading. Students are writing an essay about a character in one of their independent books who has faced a personal challenge. They are working on finding evidence, using hooks, and organizing their ideas.

Sixth Graders started a new unit about multiplying and dividing by fractions.  We started this unit by reviewing multiplying fractions with whole numbers and fractions, finding reciprocals and divide fractions using “Fun and Fabulous Fraction Stories”.  In Reading, we are using this week to review and work on essay writing skills.

Sept 1, 2017

Fifth graders worked on tasks
from a “Week of Inspirational
Math” and started their unit on
really large whole numbers! In
Reading, we read a story called
“Red Kayak” and talked about
what inspires people to act
courageously. We also had
some fun with homographs and
different kinds of sentences.

Sixth Graders worked on
Positive numbers, number lines
and inequalities. In Reading, we
read an excerpt from Old Yeller
and talked about ways we can
protect the people we love. We
also practiced looking at the
setting and thinking about the
ways setting can impact a story.

August 2017

Welcome Fifth and Sixth Graders!

Mrs. McKeever, Ms. Judy, Mrs. Meckes  and I are all excited to welcome you all back for the new year!  Looking forward a great year filled with OODLES of learning adventures!

See you soon! Mrs. Tobin