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Grade 5/6 Tobin

Welcome Fifth and Sixth Graders!

Sept 1, 2017

Fifth graders worked on tasks
from a “Week of Inspirational
Math” and started their unit on
really large whole numbers! In
Reading, we read a story called
“Red Kayak” and talked about
what inspires people to act
courageously. We also had
some fun with homographs and
different kinds of sentences.

Sixth Graders worked on
Positive numbers, number lines
and inequalities. In Reading, we
read an excerpt from Old Yeller
and talked about ways we can
protect the people we love. We
also practiced looking at the
setting and thinking about the
ways setting can impact a story.

August 2017

Welcome Fifth and Sixth Graders!

Mrs. McKeever, Ms. Judy, Mrs. Meckes  and I are all excited to welcome you all back for the new year!  Looking forward a great year filled with OODLES of learning adventures!

See you soon! Mrs. Tobin