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Expedition Time
1/5- Students have been exploring different habitats and what individual animals and plants need or don't need in order to survive in that habit! This is a small focus for the next few weeks and then we'll be switching to focusing on Geography and history!

12/21 - Students finished up their energy expedition with a task that required their knowledge of energy and electricity! They had to make a running windmill! When we come back we'll be exploring some habitats and spending some time on geography!

11/16 - Students finished testing out their solar cookers and will reflect upon their knowledge of energy and conversion! They're also currently working on an informational letter about different energy sources we can use here in Monroe! We have a few more weeks focused of energy to finish up our expedition!

9/25 - We have kicked off our "Energy: It's What Matters". Third and fourth graders have started off exploring what energy is while looking at kinetic and potential energy. We'll be exploring more about the different types of energy and how we can detect when energy is around us!

9/15 - We started our year off with looking at how our government works! Students learned about the three levels of government, the three branches and their responsibilities, along with many important documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The third and fourth graders performed a reader's theater play  based on the story " Unite or Die: How the Thirteen States Became a Nation". Check out their performance below!

Constitution Day Play