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Math in Focus

DreamBox Math
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We practice our skills in math through a variety of ways! We write about math, play hands on games, and use some technology as well!

3rd Grade Math 

9/15 - Third graders started the year off focusing on Geometry! They learned and explored lines, line segments, angles and points. They took their knowledge of these concepts to then explore how they all form our different plane shapes. We've spent a great deal of time sorting and classifying shapes according to their attributes! They were presented with a performance task that would have them create their own shape garden that needed to meet specific requirements! Stay on the lookout for some pictures to come of their final design!

4th Grade Math

9/15 - The fourth graders came in ready to dive into higher place values! They worked hard on demonstrating their ability to show numbers up to 100,000 in word form, expanded form, and standard form. They were able to accurately solve addition and subtraction problems and have moved on to the next chapter in math. They're currently focusing on factors and will be exploring multiples next week!
Sarah Gaudette,
Oct 14, 2014, 7:48 AM