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Dining Room

Monroe Mustangs Breakfast and Snack Alley

Breakfast $1.25

Reduced  .30


Choose 3- 4 items

Choice of Milk

Lofat white

Fat Free Choc.
Fat Free Strawberry

Choice of Grain

Whole Grain Cerals

Whole Grain Breakfast Bars

Whole Grain Bagels

Whole Grain Snacks

Whole Grain Muffins

Choice of Fruit

Fresh fruit

100% Juice cups

Fruit Cups

Dried Fruits





Give your body and brain a good start with a good breakfast....come see us at Monroe Mustangs Snack Alley

Serving Breakfast

Whole Grain Muffins
Whole Wheat Pancakes
Whole Wheat French Toast
Granola Rounds
Fresh, Dried and Assorted Fruit Cups
Lo Fat, Skim Choc. and Skim Strawberry Milk

Check out our Breakfast Menu

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Monthly payment forms and Free and Reduced forms are also at the bottom of this page.


Snack Items

Milk .50

Juice Cups .50

Fresh Fruit  .75
Fruit Cups 75
Dried Fruit Packs

Whole Grain Snacks
Scooby Snacks
Breakfast Bars
Whole Grain Cereals

Peanut Butter Cups .50

Cheese Sticks   .50

Bottled Water  .50

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