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Our Week at a Glance!

February 19th - February 23rd

Math: In math this week, the second graders have been working hard with sums and differences and building mental math strategies.  They have practiced making number bonds and rounding numbers to the nearest ten to check their answers for reasonableness.  They will start learning about money when we return from break!

English Language Arts: This week, the students spent some time reviewing the reading strategies that they have learned over the course of the year.  They read articles from National Geographic and noticed the graphic sources that helped them understand the information.  They also researched a continent of their choice, and are working on presenting that information in the form of a haiku!

Writing: This week in writing, the students finished up their information texts about which ball would fly farther on a catapult, a ping pong ball or a cotton ball.  They will be publishing their writing on Book Creator after break!

Expedition: Since we have wrapped up our expedition on properties and states of matter, we are spending some time on Social Studies!  We are learning about the different continents and oceans of the world, and are spending some time exploring the cultures of different countries.  We will continue delving into more topics in Social Studies, including government and economics after break!