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Our Week at a Glance!

April 9th - April 13th

Math: In math this week, the second graders finished up their work on measurement, and started working on time!  So far, they have practiced skip counting by fives, and learning how the minute hand works.  They will continue after break!

English Language Arts: This week, the students reviewed all the reading skills and strategies that they learned over the course of Unit 5.  They spent each day singing vocabulary songs, watching concept videos, and practicing spelling, grammar, and comprehension skills in stations.  We will begin Unit 6 after break!

Writing: This week in writing, the students have been working on making their writing longer and more detailed.  They combined everything they know about opinion letter writing, and are putting it all into one piece.  They are working hard to write, revise, and self and peer-edit their pieces before turning in their final drafts!

Expedition: The second graders began their expedition on the power of water to change the Earth's surface!  They created models of mountains and watched how water carries materials (dirt, rocks, grass, etc.) down the hill as rivers flow. They will continue with this work after break!