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Our Week at a Glance

September 11th - September 15th

Math: This week, second graders started a new chapter focused on addition!  They worked hard practicing their mental math adding numbers up to 20, and worked into adding without regrouping.  They will be adding with regrouping next week! 

English Language Arts: This week in reading, the theme was, "What can we learn by exploring nature?"  We sang songs and read stories about adventures in nature, and how tranquil the experience can be.  Students also practiced identifying the predicate of a sentence, and spelling words with consonant blends.

Writing: This week, the second graders continued with narrative writing.  They sketched their ideas for each page, and then formed their story with words.  They will work on adding detail and editing their pieces next week!

Expedition: This week in expedition, we've focused on pollination!  The students read informational books about types of pollinators, and did a scavenger hunt outside to see them in action!  They also created their own apple blossoms and played the role of bumble bees to pollinate them!