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Our Week at a Glance!

November 13th - November 17th

Math: This week, the second graders began multiplying and dividing.  This has been a very exciting week, because the students have been asking since the start of the year when they would be learning these skills!  We have practiced finding groups of numbers and making multiplication stories, as well as breaking objects into groups to demonstrate division.  We will keep working on these skills!

English Language Arts: This week, the theme of reading was, "When is it helpful to have support with a creative idea?"  The students read an entertaining story about two students working together to build a robot for a science fair. They also read an autobiography of an inventor who grew up conducting every science experiment he could think of. The second graders have also practiced spelling long e words, and identifying verbs in sentences!

Writing: This week, the second graders have been working in partnerships to edit their narrative writing.  They have found this challenging, as they often have to read their stories several times in order to focus on different elements (capitalization, punctuation, details, etc.)  They will be moving onto their final copies soon!

Expedition: This week in expedition, the second graders have starting their own research projects on an animal of their choice!  They have to determine how to classify their animal and collect several facts that makes their animal unique.  They will be deciding how they want to present their research!