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This year is just flying by! 

K-4th graders have been focusing on learning appropriate ways to handle conflicts, what we value in our friendships, and building our self esteem
Students made posters about what qualities they look for in a friend, after reading the story The Little White Owlhttps://youtu.be/fDeGLh-Ssgs )
Some of the qualities they decided upon were characteristics such as friends who were truthful, fun, respectful, and kind. We had conversations about how external and materialistic things are not what makes for a good friend, rather we choose our companions by their ability to bring positive things to our lives through their actions and words. 

Kindergartens and first graders have been working on conflict resolution. They have been role playing scenarios and discovering that certain ways they respond help to make situations better, and other choices could result in making the problem bigger. 
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Fifth - Eighth graders have been working on ways to have healthy relationships with their peers, parents, and partners. They have been drawing, role playing, doing group work, and jeopardy friendship games to help support their learning. Specific topic areas we have been focusing on include learning the difference between friends and "frenemies", the most common peer pressures they are facing and how to stand up and against them, and learning about self esteem and the important role that plays in their ability to overcome challenging situations. 
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Building up student success is a huge part of the counseling program. Every child here shines in their own way, and it is important that we find those ways and foster them. I look forward to continuing to do this with your children as the months progress! 

Upcoming group topics include: 
How does your engine run
What to do to calm yourself when your temper flares
What to do when it's not fair 
What to do when you grumble too much 

As always, please feel free to come check in, shoot me an email, or give me a call! 

Jackie Ward, School Counselor
Telephone: (603)638-2800 Ext. 43
Email: jward@monroeschool77.com
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