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Plants and Animals

We kicked off our expedition by talking about what we know about plants.  Then we planted lots of different types of seeds.  As they grow we will use our science journals to draw how they change.

We talked about plant and animal characteristics.

We talked about how animals and plants are the same.

We learned about parts of a plant.  Everyone made their own flower from their hands and together we labeled the different parts.

Our Experiment...

Students chose what they wanted to put a plant in and what they wanted to water it with.  We had plants in jelly beans, soil, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  They were watered with lemonade, orange juice, chocolate milk and vinegar.

A week later...

Our plants are falling down, the leaves are crunching, and they are dying.

Onto the next experiment!

How does sunlight and water help plants?

We watched a video about photosynthesis and learned that the sun gives plants vitamin D.  The roots help soak up the water.  We put some celery stalks in colored water to see what happens.

The celery turned colors!

Next...Life Cycle of a Plant

After learning about the life cycle of a plant, we made a slow-motion video to act it out! 

We have moved on to learning about animal needs.

Using a QR code reader, students watched videos about animals from different habitats.  Then each child choose a zoo animal to learn more about.  Now everyone is creating an invitation to invite people to a zoo to learn more about their animal.