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Here is what we are working on:

All of the letters have been introduced!  Next we will be learning a strategy to help with sounding out words.

The first unit in Fundations will last 12 weeks.  Each week, two or three lowercase letters are introduced.  Students will learn the name of the letters, the sounds, and the correct formation.  At the beginning of each week, I will send home a copy of the letters that we will be focusing on.  The pages will come in handy if your child practices writing at home.  This will also help you to reinforce to your child how to write each letter correctly.

Week 1- t, b, f 
Week 2- n, m
Week 3- c, a (We learn about vowels)
Week 4- i, r
Week 5- o, u
Week 6- g, d, s
Week 7- e, u
Week 8- l, h, k
Week 9- p, j
Week 10- v, w
Week 11- z, qu
Week 12- y, x