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Grade 7 Jordan


  What a beginning of the year! I am amazed and very pleased with how well these students have adapted to and accepted their new teacher.  And even more so in how well they are treating each other.

    This week we had a very moving and informative discussion about 9/11 and the impact it had on those who were alive at the time (quite a reality shock to think that these students were not). This culminated in a project where we investigated the impact of images and how it helps convey the situation to others not directly involved.  We will be doing a display of photos from this tragedy as well as the stories they created for the before and after. 

    Math has seen us complete our first chapter on coordinate planes. We are now moving onto finding the area of different polygons with a focus on formulas and an intro to triangles.

    Language Arts has been a mixture of writing in our journals for different on demand prompts, understanding and using figurative language,as well as reading and discussing our book Freak The Mighty.  They all need to read through chapter ten by Monday. 

    Science has seen us working through the beginning understandings of Atoms and the periodic table and we had our first experiment with the motion of water.

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