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Physical Education

KEN MARIER Physical Education Teacher. Elementary and High School education - Stratford Public School, NH. College - Lyndon State College, VT. Ken's wife, Melissa, and their young son, Kooper, enjoy traveling and spending time on the beach with family, cooking and baking, and auto racing.

Current Happenings in PE:

Grades K-2:   Personal space awareness, locomotor movements (walking, running, hopping, jumping, skipping, sliding, and galloping), throwing and catching, scooter boards and plasma cars, jump roping, tag games, parachute activities and fitness testing.

Grades 3-5:  throwing and catching activities, team sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, hockey, kickball), individual activities (jump roping, racket activities), scooter boards and plasma cars, and fitness testing.

Grades 6-8:  team sports (soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, kickball, team handball, paddleball), individual activities (jump roping, racket activities, golf) scooter boards and plasma cars, and fitness testing.

Teacher Contact Information:
Email: kmarier@monroeschool77.com