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Preschool Ms. Monica

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We have been working on learning the letters in our name and recognizing our names. We have been using our bodies and dancing to the songs about the letters in our names. 

My name is Alex
Clark the Shark
Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons
Johnny AppleSeed

(Science/Social Studies
Essential Questions
What do apples need to grow?
What are the parts of an apple?

We are learning a song about an apple tree. 
Way up High in the Apple Tree!

This week we took a little break from Apples and we talked about being a good citizen. We talked about how we are all citizens of our school and came up with was that we are good citizens at school. We talked about how the President makes laws and they are like our rules at school. We watched a short clip on the constitution and talked about how rules and laws were made to keep us safe a long time ago. We also talked about our flag and the colors we find in the flag.




We have been doing Calendar in the morning. We are learning the days of the week and doing lots of counting. We have also been working on position words below, beside, under, over. 

We started to learn about patterns this week. We did some dancing that had patterns. We added some apples to our calendar time that red-red-green-green, we also talked about the pattern we see on the American Flag.
Social Emotional

We are working on peer problem solving. The students are learning how to use their words with their friends. We are also working on sharing and how to use kind words with our friends. We are also working on our school rules. 
We have 3 rules:
    Use Walking Feet
    Keep our hands and Feet to ourselves
    Use Listening Ears
    Use Nice words
    Help each other
    Help clean up

 We have also been working on using our words with our friends when we are upset. We worked on different ways to solve problems such as ignoring it, walking away, taking turns, playing with someone.


Students have been learning about the importance of washing our hands.We have also been talking about healthy snacks. We will be making a healthy snack together each month for snack time.   


 9/27 Believe in Books Visit the Classroom with Piglet
9/28 Open House 6pm


Please send your child with an extra set of clothes.

Please send your child with a pair of sneakers as playing on the play ground can be difficult in sandals

Please feel free to contact me via email mbixby@monroeschool77.com or a phone call with any questions or concerns.