Grade 4 - Happy Summer!

Students at the Mt Washington Summit Sign

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Our Classroom Rules

picture of classroom rules

Pictures from happenings in our classroom!

class photo during "wear your father's sweatshirt day"
picture of the back of the sweathershirt

They decided as a group to make one day "wear your father's sweatshirt day" and they all sure enough did!!

class using cups a telephones
two students talking into cup "phones"
two students listening to cups for "phones"

Fourth graders were learning about sound through experimenting with a telephone made out of cups! They got to test out different variables to see whether they would continue to have a successful working phone!

Exploring "lava" in order to figure out how cone and shield volcanos are different!

two students working on experiment
one student taking notes on experiment
one student working on experiment
Schedule 2018 - 2019

Fourth Graders get a free pass for their entire family to ALL national parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges, and more! A pass was sent home!

Here's the link for all the information: Every Kid in a Park

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