Faculty & Staff Directory

Faculty & Staff, 2018-2019

Phone Number (603)638-2800

Fax Number: (603)638-2031

William Lander, SAU 77 Superintendent, “Ext. 46”

Molley Gilley, SAU 77 Administrative Assistant, “Ext. 48”

Leah Holz, School Principal, “Ext. 13”

Katie Foster, Coordinator of Student Services, “Ext. 23”

Sandy Lang, Executive Secretary, “Ext. 10″

Rose Harris, Business Manager, “Ext. 14”

Cindy Guibord, Food Service Director, “Ext. 17”

Dale Tinkham, Custodian, “Ext. 20”

Jacqueline Gilmour, School Nurse, “Ext. 47”

Jackie Ward, Guidance Counselor, “Ext. 43”


Monica Bixby, Preschool Teacher, “Ext. 27”

Stephanie Chadburn, Kindergarten Teacher, “Ext. 15”

Belinda Smith, First/Second Grade Teacher, “Ext. 28

Brittany Kempton, Third Grade Teacher, “Ext. 25”

Sarah Gaudette, Fourth Grade Teacher, “Ext. 29”

Laura Tobin, Fifth/Sixth Grade Teacher, “Ext. 16”

Nathan Jordan, Seventh Grade Teacher, "Ext. 32"

Louisa Bliss, Eighth Grade Teacher, “Ext. 18”

Amy McKeever, Technology Integration Educator, Library, “Ext. 33”

Jennifer Corkins, Music/ Art Teacher, “Ext. 21”

, Title 1 Coordinator/Reading Specialist, "Ext. 38"

If you would like to contact a teacher at Monroe Consolidated School via email…

Use the First letter of the person first name then Last name with the @monroeschool77.com... “Eg. FLastname@monroeschool77.com”

Mailing Address: PO Box 130, 77 Woodsville Rd. Monroe, NH 03771