Grade 3 Kempton

Dates (and things!) to Remember!

***Please be sure that if you are picking your child up from school, remember to go right to the office and wait there until your child is dismissed***

February 18th-February 22nd: Children's Stage Adventures

February 25th-March 1st: Winter Break!

March 21st: Early Release

Our Week At a Glance

Math: This week, we started reading and creating bar graphs! We have recorded data using tally marks, and created bar graphs with labels and appropriate scaling. We will continue with this next week!

ELA: We read a nonfiction text this week all about the inventor of basketball! We also practiced spelling irregular plurals, and using and recognizing singular and plural pronouns..

Writing: This week, we are using our boxes and bullets graphic organizers to create a table of contents and organize our information text draft. We have completed the introduction, and are working through the subtopics of our texts!

Expedition: This week, we continued our expedition all about force and motion. We have discovered that forces are pushes or pulls, and will be using this knowledge to try to build the strongest paper bridge we can!

Our Schedule 2018-2019:

Classroom Rules:

  • Be Respectful
  • Use Kind Words
  • Take Care of Materials
  • Listen to Directions the First Time

Teacher Contact Information:


Telephone: (603)638-2800 ex. 25