Grade 3 Kempton

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Dates (and things) to Remember!

***Please be sure that if you are picking your child up from school, go right to the office and wait there until your child is dismissed***

October 22nd: Early Release and Parent-Teacher Conferences

November 8th: Veterans Day Program at 2:15

November 11th: Veterans Day (No School)

Our Week At a Glance

Math: The third graders are continuing to practice multiplication! They are learning how to multiply by 6s, 7s, 8s, and 9s by using arrays, area models, and skip counting with number lines. They are doing an excellent job!

ELA: The third graders are reading a nonfiction text this week based on the theme, "How do the structures of plants and animals help them solve problems?" They are also learning about common and proper nouns and spelling two-syllable words with the patterns V/CV and VC/V !

Writing: This week, the students are publishing their personal narratives! They have typed their stories, and are now working on illustrating each page.

Expedition: In Expedition, the third graders have started to learn about classifying animals. We explored the school grounds to find different animals that live in Monroe and classified them!

BK Grade 3 Schedule 2019-2020

Classroom Rules

  • Be respectful to everyone
  • No bad behavior
  • Raise your hand
  • Listen to the rules
  • Don't lie

Teacher Contact Information:


Telephone: (603)638-2800 ex. 25