Grade 3 Kempton

Dates (and things!) to Remember!

***Please be sure that if you are picking your child up from school, remember to go right to the office and wait there until your child is dismissed***

December 13th: Holiday Concert at 6:30! :)

December 24th-January 1st: Holiday Break

January 21st: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (No School)

January 30th: Early Release

Our Week At a Glance

Math: This week, we continued practicing division! We worked on problems with and without regrouping, as well as division problems with and without remainders. We will continue to practice until this skill comes more easily to us!

ELA: We read a fictional text this week all about pushing up the sky! We also practiced spelling words with the prefixes mis-, un-, dis-, and re-, and using and recognizing main and helping verbs.

Writing: In narrative writing, we have been writing folktales! The third graders first read a folktale and picked out its moral. Then, they changed the moral and wrote their own folktales! Right now, they are working on creating their final picture books!

Expedition: This week, we continued working with the 4th graders on our expedition about people who have changed the world. We are exploring different texts, primarily biographies, and learning different strategies to analyze the texts. We will continue next week!

Our Schedule 2018-2019:

Classroom Rules:

  • Be Respectful
  • Use Kind Words
  • Take Care of Materials
  • Listen to Directions the First Time

Teacher Contact Information:


Telephone: (603)638-2800 ex. 25