Our new expedition is about the sun, moon and stars. We kicked off our expedition by sharing what everyone knows about the sun, moon, and stars. Then we started learning about the sun before moving on to the phases of the moon. Then we will end by learning about the stars including constellations.

We are finishing up our light and sound expedition with a project. Students will choose one method to communicate with a friend (ex. sound or light). Then they will design and create something that will allow them to communicate.

This last week, we focused on reflection. We had an experiment where students had to look in a mirror to draw and trace a shape. Then they tried writing their name using the mirror. After discovering that it did not look the same, they tried writing their names upside down and backwards. It was challenging!

We learned about the word refraction. We are preparing for an experiment to see how light can make objects look bent.

Next, we started learning about how objects can be transparent, translucent, and opaque. We did an experiment to test out many different objects using flashlights.

After we came back from break, we reviewed what we learned so far about light. Then we learned about the difference between natural and artificial light.

We took a short break from our expedition while we traveled around the world to learn about how different countries celebrate Christmas. Next week, we will get back to learning about light!

Next, we started to learn about light. We watched a video from The Magic School Bus to learn

We finished up the section about sound with another experiment. We took a shoe box and 3 different sizes of rubber bands to wrap around the box. We took turns making the rubber band vibrate to discover which one made a high pitch and which one made a low pitch.

Another sound experiment! We made kazoo's out of toilet paper rolls. We tested out different materials (wax paper, plastic wrap, tin foil) to see if it would vibrate when humming into the kazoo. We also tested each material to see which one was the loudest and quietest.

Science experiment time! Using a cup, plastic wrap and a rubber band, everyone made different vibrations. We put the plastic wrap over the opening of the cup and sealed it with a rubber band. Then we poured some salt on the plastic wrap. We experimented to see if loud sounds, quiet sounds, humming, clapping, singing, and hitting the table would make the salt vibrate. The next day, we did our experiment again and recorded our results.

Then we compared sound waves to water waves. We dropped a marble, a ball, and a rock into a bowl of water to compare the size of the waves.

Next, we went on a walk around the school to see what type of sounds we could hear. Everyone recorded their results in their new science journals.

We kick off our new expedition by watching a video about how sound travels to our ears. Then we used a cup and a rubber band to practice making sound so we could see the vibrations when we plucked the rubber band.

Next up... Light and Sound!

We have reviewed lots of different ways to be a good citizen! We ended our Citizenship expedition with everyone learning how to take a video of themselves talking about how they can be a good citizen. Keep on eye out on Seesaw as I work on uploading them all!

We have discussed how to be a good friend, strategies to use to help us do our best work, and how to cooperate with each other. Yesterday, everyone worked in groups to draw a picture. Some groups were successful and others were not. We are going to do it again today with a different picture.

We read the story Rainbow Fish and talked about sharing. Everyone worked in a small group to practice sharing blocks. Each group was given a handful of blocks and had to take turns building one tower. The groups had to figure out how to decide who would go first too. Everyone did a great job with this activity!

Today we read the story What If Everyone Did That? and then talked about what it would be like if we didn't have certain rules or laws. Here's some examples of what we discussed...

What if everyone...

-Talked at the same time?

-Ran down the hallways?

What if there were...

-No rules outside of school?

-No stop signs?

We are kicking off our unit about Citizenship by creating our classroom rules. Here is what our class choose for rules...

Be nice and respectful

Keep your hands to yourself

Be safe

We are taking the time to focus on each rule with a game about good and bad choices. We are also reading books that go along with each rule. Last, everyone draws a picture about what it would look like to follow each rule.