Kindergarten with Ms. Monica

We have learned all of the lowercase letters and sounds! Now we are moving on to learning the correct formation for uppercase letters while continuing to review lowercase letter formation. We are also learning about blending sounds together to read words.

First Grade with Mrs. Chadburn

We have been making words using glued sounds and adding an s to it. We have also been reviewing words with a bonus letter such as stuff and press. We have also been learning about digraph blends such and nch (ex. munch).

We have been learning lots of glued sounds such as ink, ank, unk, onk, ing, and ung.

We are coming to the end of unit 6. Students have been reading and writing a word and determining if it's an action word (ex. sips) or a plural word (nets). Students are also demonstrating how to underline the base word and circle the suffix (ex. s) at the end of a word.

We finished up unit 5 and are moving on to unit 6. This unit is all about adding an s to words to make them plural.

We are learning how to spell and read words with 2 new chunks- am, an.

Students were introduced to the chunk all. We have been practicing making/reading words such as mall, ball, fall. We also learned about how some words that end with an l, f, or s can have double letters such as the words fill, bill.

Diagraphs are back! We are reviewing 5 diagraphs (wh, th, sh, ck, ch). Each week we are also practicing how to spell "trick words" such as the, a, and, is, his, as, has.

Now we are reviewing how to sound out/tap out words. We are also learning to spell different sight words.

We finished up reviewing the letters with a test on Unit 1. Next, we are moving on to reviewing how to tap out/sound out words.

We are starting off with a review of all the letters! The girls are reviewing each letter sound and correct formation. Each day we add 2 or 3 letters until we review all 26 letters.