cartoon of number and alphabet blocks

Chapter 2- Numbers to 10

Learning Targets

  • Count from 0 to 10 and write the numerals for these numbers.
  • Compare 2 sets using one-to-one correspondence.

Here are number poems to help students learn how to write numbers.

1 - A straight line down is not much fun but that's the way you make a one.

2 - Around the railroad tracks and back; choo-choo two.

3 - Around the tree, around the tree, that's the way you make three.

4 - Down, across, and down once more, that's the way you make a four.

5 - Across the top, down and around, look and see what you have found.

6 - A curve and a loop and six throws a hoop.

7 - Across the sky and down from heaven, that's the way you make a seven.

8 - Make an s, but do not wait. Go back up to make an eight.

9 - A loop and a line makes a nine.