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Here's what we are working on in math...

Chapter 14- Number Facts

Learning Targets:

  • I can count numbers to 20 and write the numerals.
  • I can count on to find how many more are needed.

Math Intervention:

Students are continuing to practice identifying shapes (both flat and 3D).

Students are counting, adding numbers, sorting, measuring, and building with different manipulatives (counting chips, interlocking cubes, dice, etc.).

We are singing songs and playing games to practice counting and writing numbers to 10.

We began learning about solving simple number stories by drawing a picture and writing a number sentence to go with it.

Here are the poems we are learning for writing numbers.

1- A straight line down is not much fun but that's the way you make a one.

2- Around the railroad tracks and back; choo-choo two

3- Around the tree, around the tree, that's the way you make a three.

4- Down, across, and down once more, that's the way you make a four.

5- Across the top, down and around, look and see what you have found.

6- A curve and a loop and six throws a hoop.

7- Across the sky and down from heaven. That's the way you make a seven.

8- Make an s, but do no wait. Go back up to make an eight.

9- A loop and a line makes a nine.