Weekly News



7th Graders have moved on from performing equations with negative and positive numbers. This included working with whole numbers as well as decimals and fractions. We are now working our way to understanding and performing algebraic expressions.

8th Grade has been working on Statistics. This has entailed understanding how to read and create stem and leaf plots, box and whisker plots, expanding our knowledge from mean, median, and mode, to include quartiles, range, inner-quartile range and mean average deviation. We have also worked on understanding random data samples using a hands on activity where we polled the school to with different questions to gain statistical data and create the before mentioned statistical terms and plots to display our findings.

Science- We continue to work through studies of evolution, having reached the second to the last time period. We are investigating concepts like bio-diversity, how evolution builds off of what is already there, and is limited by it, and how species share common ancestors along the timeline.

In the most recent time period we have seen the introduction of lizards (dinosaurs!!!!) and flowering plants.


Eighth graders have been meeting with admissions counselors from St. Johnsbury Academy, Lyndon Institute, and The White Mountain School. Please get any "release school record forms" to me.

Open House dates: St. Johnsbury Academy 11/1 /18 at 5:45, Lyndon Institute 11/7/18 6pm, The White Mountain School 1/11/18 10 am - 1 pm.

ELA: Starting next week, both 7th and 8th graders will be reading their school books at home for homework. This week they will be interviewing you about your past for a poem they will be writing.

Social Studies: We have started our expedition called, "Should Safety Outweigh Freedom?" More information is on the school librology webpage. Students are starting to do their research on different times in our history when freedoms were limited, usually during wars.

Meeting tonight at 5:00 pm to organize the Harvest Luncheon



Seventh graders: have finished their first chapter in the math book which was based on understanding and manipulating irrational numbers. In this we learned that numbers can be put into m/n form, rational numbers include terminating and repeating decimals, irrational numbers are those decimals that do not terminate/repeat, how to round these numbers and plot them accurately on a number line. They have worked hard to understand and adapt to their new teacher, and the habits of the classroom.

Eighth Graders: finished up and successfully tested on their first chapter of the year. This was based on the relationships of angles, i.e. angles that are vertical, alternate interior or exterior, adjacent. Corresponding, supplementary and complementary angles. Was they understood the rules and relationship they applied them to find angle measurements in different geometric constructs.

Science: The classes have worked their way through the first two time periods to find the relationships forming between organisms, as well as begin to see the connection from one to the other through a common ancestor. We have been pleased to see the amount of engagement from the students as well as enjoyed the teacher facilitated group led discussions around the adaptations and slow progress life on earth has made through the lense of evolution.

Language Arts: We are about ¾ of the way through The Giver in reading. Students have 10 words each week to study for Thursday tests. The Giver is a perfect stepping stone to our work in Social Studies, which has been focused on the Constitution and how it laid the framework for our system of checks and balances. Students are reviewing how to write a paragraph at the same time as they are deciding how democratic the original Constitution was. In writing class, the seventh and eighth graders are developing realistic fiction pieces and working on their use of figurative language to help the reader see “what is really going on.”

Coming Events: 4 eighth graders will be traveling to Manchester for the Youth Leadership Conference on 10/2. School pictures will be on 10/3.


Vocabulary: We have started lists in U.S. government and The Giver. These lists are in student notebooks and on Quizlet. There will be quizzes on definitions and spelling every Thursday.

ELA: The best way for your child to learn new vocabulary and writing skills is to READ, READ, READ. Reading is also a great way to learn about ourselves and others. In middle school, your child should be reading at least two hours a week.

Math: You may have noticed your son or daughter bringing home a weekly Math Mates assignment. These assignments include skills from all over the math realm. They are useful for practice as well as for assessing what skills your son or daughter needs extra help on. Students get these on Monday and have a week to complete as they are due Friday.

7th grade has begun to work on the concept of rational numbers. This expands their previous knowledge of the number system to include fractions and decimals, how to place them on number lines, as well as how to translate fractions into decimals, and back again.

8th grade has been introduced to the world of angles. We have learned about complementary, supplementary, adjacent and verticle angles and their relation ships.

Science: Our first topic of science is dealing with evolution. We have launched into a journey through time to investigate the origins of life on earth. This week has been about back ground knowledge as well as setting the scene for our approach.

If you pick your child up at school, make sure to sign in with Mrs. Lang. You will wait there until your child is dismissed.

On October 2, Ms. Bliss will be taking 4 8th grade students to the Youth Leadership Conference. 8th graders wrote a letter of application today.

Have a great week!

Keep in touch,

Ms. Bliss and Mr. Jordan