picture of a young student on a sewing machine
picture of young student with her art project
table full of young students painting with water colors

What is TAB?

TAB stands for Teaching for Artistic Behavior. It is the way the MCS Art Studio works. In a TAB Studio, students are the artists and the classroom is their studio. They chose a project, ask the questions, persevere through possibilities, trust themselves, and become self-directed and organized. Classes begin with a mini-lesson, after which some students decide to try the new idea, while others file the learning away for later and choose their own path. Students coach each other, collaborate on projects, share materials, while the teacher is able to check in with individuals or small groups to help problem solve or differentiate for the diverse needs of students.

Read more about the TAB philosophy here:

"Authentic Children's Art is about the PROCESS not the product!

*Ask me to explain what I made

*Ask me how I made it

*Ask me where my ideas came from

picture of student teaching teacher to create art

Students teach teachers, too!

picture of students a table creating
picture of table full of students working on different art projects
picture of students creating art statues

3rd Graders work on constructing all sorts of things.

picture of hand sewn creations

7th and 8th grade art projects!!

picture of statue art creation
picture of student art display

If you didn't get to come to Open House, here's a little peek at our tiny museum.

picture of young students painting with water colors

Kindergarten artists experiment with all kinds of lines.

picture of three students playing the ukulele
picture of students abstract paintings

Small groups created abstract art which were put together to make a great big piece of collaborative art!

We were fortunate to have ukuleles donated to us through They arrived last week and already students have musical projects in the works!

picture of young students drawing/painting

Preschool and Kindergarten artists at work...

picture of a young students painting