Preschool Ms. Monica

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Storyline Online

Workout to Letter Sounds

Exercise Rhyme and Freeze

Rainbow Write your name

Find letters in your name around the house

Read a story: outside, in a fort, with a sibling

Read a story and draw your favorite character

picture of alphabet with corresponding pictures

Science/Social Studies

30 Online Virtual Field Trips

Science Experiments

Mystery Science with Doug

Take a nature walk

Start a rock collection

Be a meteorologist and check the weather everyday


Online Math Games- ABCYa

Log in to Happy Numbers

Match socks

Count your toys, windows, doors things around your house

Sort your toys by size

Make a snack, measure ingredients

Make a pattern with blocks. cereal or other object around your house

Practice counting

Find numbers 1-10 in your home

Social Emotional


Go Noodle



Please remember to send an extra set of clothes in for you child.

Please feel free to contact me via email or a phone call with any questions or concerns.

cartoon picture with words Play, Learn and Grow Together