Preschool Ms. Monica

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Storyline Online

Rainbow Write your name

Find letters in your name around the house

Read a story :outside, in a fort, with a sibling

Read a story and draw your favorite character

picture of alphabet with corresponding pictures

Science/Social Studies

30 Online Virtual Field Trips

Science Experiments

Mystery Science with Doug

Take a nature walk

Start a rock collection

Be a meteorologist and check the weather everyday


Online Math Games- ABCYa

Match socks

Count your toys, windows, doors things around your house

Sort your toys by size

Make a snack, measure ingredients

Make a pattern with blocks. cereal or other object around your house

Social Emotional


Go Noodle



Please remember to send an extra set of clothes in for you child.

Mondays is Physical Education please send sneakers or have your child wear sneakers.

Please feel free to contact me via email or a phone call with any questions or concerns.

cartoon picture with words Play, Learn and Grow Together