Early Childhood Transitions

The transition from Family Centered Early Supports and Services (ESS) to services for a preschool-aged child is a major milestone for families. Transition presents many opportunities as well as challenges. Parents who have been through this transition may tell you that while you can never be totally prepared for emotions that may surface, it helps to know the steps in the transition process and to understand how you can participate. your ESS Service Coordinator will work with you to help you learn more about your role and the steps in the transition process. This process can be easier when families, providers from ESS, preschools, and other early childhood services work together as a team. An open and collaborative approach will help to ensure a smooth and effective transition for your child and family.

Teri Gaston is the Preschool coordinator for SAU 77. Teri can be reached via phone at 638-2800 extension 23 or via e-mail at tgaston@monroeschool77.com