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March 20, 2017

Superintendent’s Message

School Budget for 2017-2018

On behalf of the Monroe School Board and myself, I begin this message with a heartfelt thank you to the Monroe School Community for your approval and support of the budget for the coming year. I am grateful to one and all for your support of the funding we needed to continue our vital programs, projects, and initiatives for our students and staff. 


School Board

I also want to join the School Board in recognizing Mrs. Paula Geil for her six years of service to the School Board and the community. School Board work is vital to the present and future generations of students, it involves many meetings and decisions, and countless hours of service.

It is also my pleasure to welcome Mr. Greg Collins, our new School Board member, who will begin his service at the upcoming March 20th Board meeting.


School Delays and Closure Due to Inclement Weather

This winter has posed many weather-related challenges that we have all experienced whether as a parent or caregiver, as a student or staff member, or as one of those involved with making the decision to hold, delay, or cancel school. In answer to the question: How are inclement weather decisions made? I am providing the essential elements that go into the process below:

1.      When the Monroe School District makes the decision to delay or close school during inclement weather conditions, the decision isn’t made lightly. We take a team approach between myself and the Principal, the latest weather reports, JPI Bus Company, and surrounding schools.


2.      Safety of students is the most important factor. When weather forecasts indicate that there will be snow or ice on Monroe roadways, I contact JPI by 5 AM with the current and forecasted road conditions and I recommend that we hold school, have a two-hour delay, or cancel school. Often, I revisit the two-hour delay decision, get updated information regarding conditions, and contact JPI with my decision to hold school or cancel for the day.


3.      Once the decision is made and I have contacted the Principal, a message is sent via our Alert Now system to notify staff and parents of the delay or closure. I follow up by calling WMUR and WCAX to post the message on their websites. We also post the decision on the Monroe School Facebook page.


4.      Since I usually follow up with JPI by 7AM on whether it is advisable to change the delay to a closure, parents and staff are strongly advised to listen for a revised announcement through the Alert Now system as well as checking the media outlets mentioned above.


5.      Monroe school officials take the delay or closure of school very seriously. We factor in student safety both to and from the bus stops during inclement weather conditions for the start and end of the day as well as potential traffic issues on the roadways.


6.      Safety of students is our number one priority in making these decisions.

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2017 Geo Bee winner - Beckett Jewell - Congratulations, Beckett!


Monroe Consolidated School Food Drive! A big thank you to the American Legion Auxiliary, Wellness Committee, and all who donated to the Good Shepherd Food Pantry!



The Monroe School District is excited and proud to announce that, together with the Monroe Public Library, they have received one of the "Rural Libraries" grants from Children's Literacy Foundation for the 2016-17 school year. This grant will help supply new books for both libraries, bring in local storytellers/authors, and increase our collaborative programs.

The School Board thanks both librarians, Amy Lawton at Monroe School and Jessica Sherman at the Monroe Library for their partnership, and foresight.


Congratulations to our Principal, Leah Holz, for her acceptance into the Granite State Leadership Academy!



For safety reasons, no vehicles are allowed to drive behind the Monroe Consolidated School. 
Signage has been posted and a chain gate is being constructed. 
The area behind the building is part of the designated playground both during the school year and vacation time.

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