The Mission of the Monroe Consolidated School District as the leading collaborative, community-based learning environment is to provide a strong learning foundation to ensure individual growth through perseverance and diversity and to equip learners for life-long success.

Principles of RESPECT: Responsibility, Engaged, Spirit, Passion, Excellence, Compassion, Trust

We are CREW, not passengers!


We received a water bottle filling station from the NH Division of Public Health Services, Chronic Disease and Prevention and Screening Section.  We applied for a grant to get an Elkay EZ520 LZS8WSLP Enhanced Bottle Filling Station on 6/14/18 and just received word that we were awarded one!  This will be the 2nd water bottle filling station in the school, currently there is one on the upper level and this new one will replace the old drinking fountain located on the lower level between the boys and girls bathroom.


“The Monroe School Board is pleased to announce the appointment of William Lander to the position of School Superintendent.  He is a seasoned school administrator and well versed in the working of schools and the applicable state and federal laws.  The board and staff welcome Bill and look forward to working with him, commencing July 1, 2018.  The board would like to further thank out going Superintendent Susan Hodgdon for her years of service and wishes her well in her future endeavors.”

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A request for parents whose children who are homeschooled or attend private school and will be attending high school in the fall.  Contact the School at 603-638-2800 ext. 48, any questions contact Molley at


For safety reasons, no vehicles are allowed to drive behind the Monroe Consolidated School. 
Signage has been posted and a chain gate is being constructed. 
The area behind the building is part of the designated playground both during the school year and vacation time.


Monroe Consolidated School 2017-2018 Year Calendar

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