Policies adopted by the School Board.

The New Hampshire School Board Association, of which the Monroe School Board is a member, sends us suggested policies to address new laws, regulations and social issues as they arise.  These drafts have been reviewed by their legal staff.   The Monroe School Board modifies them to fit our specific situation and then discusses them at Board meetings.  We discuss each policy at a minimum of two public meetings before it is adopted.  Over the years, we have adopted policies to cover most situations.  Many have been updated--some several times.  Updating policies is an ongoing process upon which we continuously work.

The Monroe School District uses the term Superintendent and District Administrator interchangeably throughout the policies. The Monroe School District considers both terms, Superintendent and District Administrator, to have the same authority.  

A    Foundations & Basic Commitments

     ABA Volunteer Involvement

     AC Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity    

 AC-E  Annual Notice of Contact Information for Human Rights Officer, Title IX Coordinator, 504 Coordinator and Civil Rights Agencies

     ACAA Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students

     ACAA-R Student Discrimination/Harassment and Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures

     ACAB Harassment and Sexual Harassment of School Employees

     ACAB-R Employee Discrimination/Harassment and Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures

     ACE Procedural Safeguards: Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Handicap/Disability

    ACN Nursing Mothers Accommodation 

AD Philosophy of the School District

ADB Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free Schools

     ADC  Prohibitions Regarding use and Possession of Tobacco Products, E-Cigarettes and e-Liquids In and On School Facilities and Grounds

     AE Accountability


B    Board Governance & Operations

       BA School Board Self Evaluation and Goal Setting

       BAAA School Board Policies And Administrative Procedures

        BB School Board Legal Status

        BBA School Board Powers And Responsibilities

        BBA-R School Board Powers And Duties

        BBAA  Board Member Authority And Responsibilities

        BBAB  Roles And Duties Of The Board Chairperson

        BBB School Board Elections

        BBBA Board Member Authority

        BBBC Board Member And District Officer Resignation

        BBBD Board Member Removal From Office

        BBBE Vacancies and Unexpired Term Fulfillment

        BCA Board Member Ethics

       BCB Board Member Conflict Of Interest

      BDA Board Organizational Meeting

      BDB-Board Officers

      BDD- Board Superintendent Relationship

     BDD-R Board-Superintendent Relationship  

     BDF Advisory Committees To The Board

      BEA Regular Board Meetings

BEB Emergency Board Meetings 

BEC Non-Public Sessions 

 BEDA Public Notification of School Board Meeting 

  BEDB- Agenda Preparation and Dissemination


       BEDDA - Board Meeting - Rules of Procedure & Order

  BEDD-R Sample Rules of Order       

  BEDG  Minutes

       BEDH Public Comment and Participation At Board Meetings

       BFE Administration in Policy Absence

      BG Board Policy Process

       BGA Policy Development System

        BGAA Policy Drafting

     BGB Policy Adoption   

     BGC Manual Accuracy Check

     BGF Suspension of Policies

BHC Board Employee Communication

   BHE School Board Use of Email and Other Electronic Communication

BIE Board Member Indemnification


C    General School Administration

     CA Administration Goals

     CB School Superintendent       

       CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent

        CBI-R Evaluation of Superintendent Form

     CCB Line and Staff Relations (chain of command)

CH Policy Implementation 

      CHCA Approval of Handbooks and Directives

D    Fiscal Management

        DA  Fiscal Management

        DAF - Administration of Federal Grant Funds 

  DB  Annual Budget

        DBC  Budget Preparation

        DBJ Transfer Of Appropriations

        DFA  Investment

      DFGA Crowdfunding  

  DGA Authorized Signatures

   DGD School District Credit Cards

       DH Bonded Employees and Officers 

       DI Fiscal Accounting and Reporting 

       DIA Fund Balances  

       DID Capital Fixed Assets

     DIE Audits    

     DIH  Fraud Prevention And Fiscal Management

        DJ Purchasing 

        DJC Petty Cash Accounts 

        DJE  Bidding Requirements

        DK Payments, Checks & Manifests

        DKA-Payroll Procedures

        DKC Expense Reimbursements

   DM Cash in School Buildings

        DN Equipment and Supplies Sales


E    Support Services

        EB  Workplace Safety Program & Joint Loss Management Committee

        EB-A  Off Site Learning Opportunities 

        EB-R  Safety Program Violations

        EBB  School Safety Program

EBBB  Accident Reports

        EBBC - Emergency Care and First Aid

       EBBC-R - First Aid Accidents Emergency Care: Procedures

       EBBD Indoor Air Quality& Water Quality

        EBCA Crisis Prevention & Emergency Response Plans

EBCB Fire and All Hazard Drills 

    EBCC False Alarms, Bomb, Active Shooter and Other Such Threats 

    EBCD Emergency School & District Closings

EBCG  Communicable & Infectious Diseases

       ECA Building and Grounds Security  

   ECAC Vandalism

        ECAF-Audio and Video Surveillance on School Buses

        EEA Student Transportation Services

        EEAA - Video and Audio Recording on School Property 

        EEAB Establishment of School Bus Routes

   EEAE School Bus Safety Program

EEAEA Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing - School Bus Drivers and Contracted Carriers

        EEAG  Use Of Private Vehicles To Transport Students

        EEAG-R Parental Transportation and Consent Form/Parental Rational/Justification Form

        EEAG-R Statement of Insurance on Private Vehicles

        EEBA  School District-Owned Vehicles

        EF  Food Service Management

        EFA-Availability and Distribution of Healthy Foods

        EFAA-School Lunch Program Meal Charges

       EG District Communication Plan 

       EGAD Copyright Compliance 

   EH Data Management

EH-R Administrative Procedures for Public Access to District Records "Right to Know Requests"

        EHAA-Computer, e-mail and internet communication

       EHAA-R Computer Security & Internet Communications Acceptable Use Policy (Staff) Regulations

        EHAA-R2 Acceptable Use Policy-Student Regulation Use of Facilities

   EHAB Data Governance and Security 

   EHAC  Electronic/Digital Records & Signatures

        EHB Date / Records Retention & Destruction

        EHB-R-Local Records Retention Schedule

   EHB-R Retention Schedule

   EI Risk Management 

   EIB Liability Insurance and Pooled Risk Management 

   EID Insurance 

F    Facilities Development

        FA Facilities Development Goals and Preparation of Capital Improvement Plan

FAA Annual Facility Plan and Unused District Property


G    Personnel

        GA Personnel Policy Objectives

        GADA Employment References and Verification  

  GBAA-R  Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Report Form

       GBCD Background Investigation And Criminal History Records Check

       GBCE Training and Information Relative to Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

  GBD Board-Employee Communications  

  GBE Employee Rights and Responsibilities 

       GBEA Staff Ethics

        GBEAA/JRB Confidential Student Information

       GBEAB Mandatory Code of Conduct Reporting- All Employees 

   GBEB  Staff Conduct

        GBEBA Staff Dress Code

        GBEBB Staff-Student Relations

        GBEBC Employee Gifts And Solicitations

        GBEBD-Employee Use of Social Networking

        GBEBE Employment of Relatives or Persons with Romantic Personal Relationships

        GBEC Drug-Free Workplace Policy 

        GBED Prohibitions Regarding use and Possession of Tobacco Products, E-Cigarettes and e-Liquids In and On School Facilities and      Grounds

       GBEF Internet Access for Staff 

        GBG Employee Protection

        GBGA Staff Health

       GBGBA Use of Automated External Defibrillator(s) 

        GBGD Workers Compensation Temporary Alternative Work Program 

        GBI- Staff Participation in Political Activities

        GBJ-Personnel Records

        GBJA Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act

        GBJA-R Notice Of Privacy Practices

        GBKA Exit Interviews

        GCA Professional Staff Positions

        GCB Professional Staff Contracts 

        GCCAE Professional Staff Visitations And Conferences Reporting Policy

        GCCBC Family & Medical Leave Act

        GCEB Administrative Staff Recruiting

        GCF Professional Staff Hiring

    GCG Substitute Staff Employment

        GCH Professional Staff Orientation

        GCI Professional Staff Development Opportunities

        GCID Professional Activities Of Teachers

        GCLAA  Travel Policy:  Conference/Workshops For District Administrator

        GCNA Supervision Of Instructional Staff

        GCO  Evaluation Of Professional Staff

        GCP Professional Staff Promotion/Reclassification

        GCQ-Non-Renewal, Termination and Dismissal of Certified Staff

        GCQA Reduction in Instructional Staff Workforce 

        GCQC Resignation Of Instructional Staff Member

        GCR Non-School Employment By Professional Staff Member

GDB Employment of Non-Certified Personnel 

       GDF Hiring of Non-Certified Personnel 

       GDJ Non-Certified Personnel Assignment 

       GDO Evaluation of Support Staff 

       GDQ Termination of Non-Certified Personnel 

      GEA Athletic Team Coaches 

H    Negotiations

I     Instruction

        IC School Year & School Year Calendar

        IF Instructional Approach

        IFA Instructional Needs Of Each Individual Student

        IGA  Curriculum Development

        IGE Parental Objections to Specific Course Material

        IHAK Character And Citizen Education

        IHAM-Teaching about Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco

        IHAM-R Health Education and Exemption: Opt-Out Form

IHAMA-Teaching About Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco

       IHAMB-Teaching about Self-Protection

        IHBA Programs For Pupils With Disabilities

       IHBA-R Special Education Procedural Safeguards

        IHBAA Evaluation Requirements for Children with Specific Learning Disabilities

        IHBAAA  Sau 77 Policy For Determining A Specific Learning Disability

        IHBAAA-R  Summary and Determination of Specific Learning Disability Form 

        IHBAB Special Education Evaluations

       IHBAC Developmental Delay as Qualifying Disability 

  IHBAM District Special Education Policy and Procedures Manual    

  IHBG Home Education Instruction 

       IHBG-R-Participation in Public School Activities by Home Educated, Charter School, and Nonpublic School Pupils

        IHBH-Extended Learning Opportunities 

        IHBI Alternative Learning Plans

        IHCA Summer School

        IJ Instructional Resources and Instructional Resource Plan

        IJO Community Resources

        IJOA Field Trips/Off Site Learning

        IJOC  Volunteer Involvement

        IK Earning of Credit

        IKB  Homework

        IKE  Promotion and Retention of Students

        IKL  Academic Integrity and Honesty

        ILBA Assessment

        ILD Non-Educational Surveys and Questionnaires

        IMAH Health Education - Daily Physical Activity

IMDA Patriotic Exercises

        IMG-Animals in the School

       IMGA- Service Animals

        IOF-Athletic Program 

        IOF-R-Athletic Program Regulations


J    Students

        JBAB Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students

        JCA-Change of Class or School Assignment, Best Interests and Manifest Hardship

        JFAA  Admission Of Resident Students

        JFAB  Admission of Tuition and Non-Resident Students

        JFABD  Education of Homeless Children and Unaccompanied Youth

JFABE Education of Children in Foster Care

       JFAM Education of Military Children & Military Connected Students 

   JFBC  High School Tuition

       JG Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade Levels 

   JH Attendance, Absenteeism and Truancy

        JI  Student Rights and Responsibilities

JIC  Student Conduct

        JICA Student Dress Code

        JICC  Student Conduct On School Buses

        JICD  Student Discipline And Due Process

        JICDD-Student Discipline/Out of School Actions 

        JICFA  Hazing

JICG   Prohibitions Regarding use and Possession of Tobacco Products, E-Cigarettes and e-Liquids In and On School Facilities and Grounds

        JICI Weapons on School Property

        JICK-Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention-bullying

        JIH Student Searches And Their Property

        JIH-R Search of Students

        JJA Student Activities & Organizations

        JJE  Student Fundraising Activities

        JJF Student Activities Fund Management

        JJF-R Administering Student Activity Funds

       JJIB Interscholastic Athletics 

      JJJ-Access to Public School Programs by Nonpublic, Charter school, and Home-Educated Pupils

        JKAA  Use Of Restraints

        JLC-Student Health Services & School Nurse

        JLCB-Immunizations of Students

        JLCC Communicable Diseases/Pediculosis

        JLCD-Administering Medication to Students

       JLCDA Medical Treatment - Parental Consent

        JLCD-R Procedures for Administering Medication to Students

        JLCE/EBBC-Emergency Care and First Aid 

        JLCF  Wellness 

JLCFA Feminine Hygiene Products

        JLCG Exclusion of Students Who Present a Hazard

        JLCJ Concussions and Head Injuries

       JLCJA Emergency Plan for Sports Related Injuries and Additional Protocols for Athletics Participation 

       JLCK  Special Physical Health Needs Of Students

        JLD  School Guidance Programs And Services

        JLDBA  Behavior Management And Intervention

JLDBB Suicide Prevention and Response

        JLF Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect

        JLIF Receipt and Use of Sex Offender Registry Information

        JLIA: Supervision of Students 

   JRA  Student Records and Access- FERPA

        JRB/GBEAA Confidential Student Information

K    School Community Relations

        KA  School, Family and Community Partnership

        KCD Public Gifts/Donations 

        KD School District Social Media Websites

        KD-R School District Social Media Websites-Regulations

        KE  Public Complaints

        KEB  Public Complaints About School Personnel, Employees, Students Or Administration

        KEC  Policy On Reconsideration Of Instructional Materials

        KEC-R  Reconsideration of Instructional Materials

        KED-Facilities or Services-Grievances Procedure (section 504)

KEE Website Accessibility and Grievance 

        KF-Community use of School Facilities/Grounds

        KF-R-Community use of School Facilities regulations

Building Use Request Form

     KFA Conduct on School Property   

 KHB-Advertising in the Schools

 KI Visitors to the School