Art Gallery

Knit Democracy Together - Martha Madsen (NH Humanities) and Eve Carnahan (Knit Democracy Together) came on 3/7/24 to work with 6-8 on a collaborative knitting project and to chat about voting in NH. Students learned how to knit cords using a Knitting Nancy and the cords will become part of a sculpture of the NH State House. The finished sculpture will be on display at the State House in June 2024.

7th and 8th grade watercolor and acrylic painting projects: Our Favorite Places. 

5th Grade fiber arts, painting, and sculpture. 

Kindergarten jewelry making

Kindergarten paper weaving

Fiber Arts and Drawing in the Art Studio on 2/16/24

6th Grade Art

4th Grade Art

3rd graders working on fiber arts. 

7th and 8th grade paint their favorite places to be.