Monroe School District announces the deadline of filing for Candidacy for the following School District Offices:

School District Moderator one year term

School District Clerk one year term

School District Treasurer one year term

School Board Member, one position three year term

To declare candidacy you must contact:

Kimberly Ward, School District Clerk

1532 Coppermine Rd., Monroe, NH 03771

Phone: (603) 638-2007 or (603) 348-2775


Also at the Monroe Town Office

from 3pm-5pm on January 29, 2021

Filing Period Ends Friday January 29, 2021 @ 5pm

Budget Hearing 2-2-2021.pdf
Notice to Architects and Engineers
Housing Relief Program.pdf

Chain of Command

The Monroe School Board would like to remind all of the chain of command policy. Matters of concern by parents and community members should begin at the level where the concern originated. For example, it there is a concern about what took place in the classroom, the teacher should be the first person contacted. If the matter remains unresolved, the principal is the next person with whom to discuss the matter. The superintendent of schools should be the next person to contact if there remains concerns. The final in district step is to ask for a meeting with the Monroe School Board. If the matter is still unresolved, the New Hampshire Department of Education should be contacted. Please refer to Monroe School Board Policy KE (click on policy to view) and policy KEB (click on policy to view)



For safety reasons, no vehicles are allowed to drive behind the Monroe Consolidated School.

Signage has been posted and a chain gate is being constructed.

The area behind the building is part of the designated playground both during the school year and vacation time.