Renovation Project

At the school board meeting on 1/21/2020 the School Board voted to withdraw the proposed entryway & renovation project from the 2020 Town Vote at the recommendation of the Entryway Committee. This will provide more time for additional input from the various groups that the Project will impact. We will keep you updated as we progress.

This Plan is a modest reconfiguration project that gives the school a secure entry and allows all school departments to have appropriate spaces.

What’s wrong with our current design?

    • When visitors are buzzed into the building, they have access to go anywhere in the building without checking in with staff or getting passes.
    • Student service areas are not in compliance with State regulations

Why this proposed plan? The committee reviewed suggestions from the March 2019 town meeting, looked at various plan options, and selected this design as it provided the best solutions to our needs.

    • With a secure entryway renovation, people would be buzzed into a secure vestibule where a staff member would greet them from the safety of his/her office through bullet resistant glass, visually inspect them and determine the need to enter further into the building or not, stopping any unnecessary activity in the school.

Changes to the School

Upper Level

Monroe School Proposed Layout Change (upper level).pdf

Lower Level

Monroe School Proposed Layout Change (lower).pdf

Why renovate existing spaces? In order to create a secure entrance offices need to be relocated to ensure staffing oversight of visitors. This is much less expensive than adding-on additional space.

  • Administrative offices will be relocated to the renovated areas
      • Moves student service areas to appropriate locations
      • Limits the presence of visitors in unnecessary areas of the school;
      • Provides confidential work and meeting space for nurse, student services, and administrative staff
      • Provides nurse area with quick and easy student access to bathroom.
  • Classroom space will reconfigured so the number of classrooms will stay the same
      • Current office areas will be renovated to become classroom spaces
      • Current shared classroom space turns back to single classroom area

Renovation of Room 201 & 202

MONR - Owner_Plan_v1_2019-10-31.pdf

As of 1/21/2020 Future Planned Meetings have been CANCELLED.

Future Meeting/Presentation:

    • Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 and Thursday, January 30th, 2020, both at 6:30 PM at Monroe Consolidated School Dining Room

Project Vote - March 10th, 2020

At the annual school meeting at the Town Hall that starts at 7:00 PM with the school portion first this year

The project vote is the first monetary warrant article to be voted on

⅔ majority vote is required

We will arrange for child care at the town hall

The School Entryway Committee believes this is a responsible compromise that balances budget, security and educational concerns for the Monroe Consolidated School. We hope you will support our proposal.

Any questions can be emailed to Rose Harris at