High School Information

If you are a new resident with a high school student reach out to Molley Gilley, District Administrative Assistant by email: mgilley@monroeschool77.com or phone: 603-638-2800 ext. 148

The town of Monroe offers school choice, tuition is funded up to $23,425.00 for FY25; any remaining tuition must be funded by families.  Transportation is provided to St. Johnsbury Academy only,  the transportation form can be found below.

New School Year Paperwork

New School Year Paperwork will be mailed out the beginning of June.  The paperwork can be found below if you choose to print and mail it to the school (PO Box 130, Monroe NH 03771) or email documents to mgilley@monroeschool77.com.

Tuition Cover Letter  (read first)

Tuition Rate & Voucher Letter (read second)

Residency Form  (must return)

Transportation Form (must return if using bussing services) 

Privacy Act  (optional)

Military Children in Education (optional)

McKinney Vento Information 

McKinney Vento Form (optional)

Below are links for various local High Schools in our area: