Helpful Links


Visit NH Department of Education and learn about PACE

Helpful links for our college-bound high school students:

The Ultimate Guide to the FAFSA has 10 clear, user-friendly steps to successfully apply for a student loan. You can review it here:

Scholarship Search Tool offers students the opportunity to review a list of over 200 scholarships that can be filtered by award amount, deadline, subject area and more.

See it here:

- Guide to Online Colleges in New Hampshire

- Financial Aid for Online Colleges

- Cost of Online Colleges

Three-Minute Video Explaining Common Core

High Schools

Most Monroe students attend St. Johnsbury Academy for high school; however, the town does offer school choice. Tuition is funded up to the annual Academy tuition; any remaining tuition must be funded by families. Transportation is provided to St. Johnsbury Academy only.

Below please find links of various local High Schools in our area:

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