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Seeking Long Term Flexible Substitute

Starting Date: As soon as possible

Ending Date: Subject to change based on in-person/remote learning at MCS

Must be flexible and willing to take on varying roles. Duties will include helping custodian clean/disinfect, assisting with food service, and substituting for a teacher or support personnel.

Rate of pay: $15.00/hour from 8am-3:30pm with ½ hour unpaid lunch break. Schedule subject to change as needed.

Please send a letter of interest, most current resume and 3 references to:

District Administrator Leah Holz

Monroe School District

77 Woodsville Road

Monroe, NH 03771

Online applications can be filled out by clicking the link found above, or emailed to


If you love being around kids we would love to speak with you about our Substitute needs.

We need substitutes in the following areas:

Teacher-small classroom populations

Paraprofessional-Individual and classroom

Kitchen-food service


Janitor-daily chores

Applicants must have a high school education or GED and must pass a criminal records/finger print check.

Interested candidates can fill out the online application above or print the application and send to:

Monroe School District

c/o Molley Gilley

PO Box 130

Monroe, NH 03771

For more Substitute information please see MCS Policy GCG-Substitute Staff Employment on our policy page.

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