At Monroe Consolidated School, we think critically, work collaboratively, and practice perseverance and compassion to become responsible global citizens.

Principles of RESPECT: Responsibility, Engaged, Spirit, Passion, Excellence, Compassion, Trust

Children and Families saying pledge of allegiance outfront of school building on the first day of school.

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Student Spotlight!

This is a weekly tradition at MCS, and we are bringing it to you remotely!


Age: 13

Grade: 8th

Something unique about me: I have a go cart that I ride with Henry.

The members of my family: Henry, mom, dad.

Someday I want to be: I have no clue what I want to be but I want to do something creative and/or helpful.

Favorite animal: elephant or otters

Song: Don't Stop Believing by Journey.

Food: pizza

Color: purple

Subject: science

Sport: basketball


Age: 9

Grade: 3rd

Something unique about me: I can climb really good

The members of my family: I have a Mom, 2 Dads, a baby brother, 2 dogs and 1 sister.

Song: The Illuminati theme song

I want to be an archeologist.

Animal: Black panther

Food: Pizza

Color: Midnight blue

Subject: Science

Sport: Soccer