STAR testing is important on many levels as it gives informed data on each child in our school. STAR provides suggested interventions for students who may be excelling and need enrichment, as well as for students who may be struggling and need supports. It is but one way we collect data on each child, but it is an important tool. It also gives students and staff practice on taking computerized tests. The NECAP tests have now been waived in 36 states. NH has filed a waiver to not have to administer the test again but has not received a reply from the United States Department of Education. Regardless, the "Smarter Balanced" testing will begin in 46 states in the Spring of 2014 and is based upon the "Common Core State Standards." All testing cycles in the "Smarter Balanced" testing program will be given on computers and will be focused on individual student growth, not on large group performance in each state where very few states had the same outcomes and expectations. So, we get the dual benefit of collecting meaningful data we can use now, as well as a strong proficiency on using computers to take the tests based on the "Common Core Standards."