student drawn logo of PTF

Parents, Teachers and Friends

The purpose of the PTF is to encourage parents, family, teachers, staff, and friends to assist with various school activities/functions/services, provide financial assistance where needs are identified within the school, foster a community atmosphere, and support the mission and vision of the school and school district. The PTF holds events to raise funds separate from the district and then supports a wide variety of events and activities for the children using those funds.

The Monroe School PTF is a nonprofit organization that has been around for many years that supports a variety of activities for the children and community. Unfortunately, this past year there were not enough members to have fundraisers or activities. This is where you come in! The Monroe School PTF is looking to restructure its organization and become active in the community once again. We need your help to do this.

PTF is for all community members not just parents. The more parents, grandparents, friends, teachers, staff and community members that are involved the better!


AIM High Soccer Tournament, October 2017

three PTF members behind concessions
Monroe soccer player kicking the ball in game.
decorated cupcakes
two student spectators
two opposing players competing over the ball
Monroe goalie getting ready to kick the ball down field

Shelburne Museum, May 2017

students posing at the top of a stair case
large group of students standing at the top of a stair case

PTF Officers:

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